LG teases a triple-screen smartphone, to be revealed at IFA 2019


LG’s teasing what appears to be a triple-screen smartphone, which will be unveiled at this year’s IFA in Berlin. But, before you got all ‘LG’s got a folding phone’ on us, it looks as though the additional displays will appear courtesy of a smartphone case. Or a design that makes the device look like it’s got a smartphone case on. We favour the former theory.

Games, photos, navigation?

LG’s teaser video, the one we (and everyone else) are basing speculation on, isn’t especially long. The video (above) is just 20 seconds long but there’s a fair amount to unpack. The venue and date are given, in case there was any doubt this device is turning up at IFA 2019. It shows a retro game screen, with the character gobbling up a video game and camera icon, before hopping over to some navigation. The catch is the navigation takes place on another display, one that would live on the inside of a phone cover.

As for the third display? That one’s visible when the apparent cover is closed. As far as we can make out, you can’t play games or view directions on it. Notifications and basic widgets only, we reckon. But what the teaser tells us is that LG’s targeting gamers, photographers, and people who… get… easily… lost? Sure, why not. Besides the screens, we’re quite keen to see what internals this phone features. But…

Unusually for a teaser this close to IFA — the event kicks off on 6 September, the same day LG’s supposed to unveil this — we don’t have much of an idea what else the device entails. It’s possible the surprise will be spoiled, perhaps by LG themselves, the day before. We’re going to keep our eyes peeled, especially on 5 September, for more on LG’s mysterious machine.

Source: LG (YouTube)


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