All the beans: Samsung’s marketing materials leak Galaxy Note 10 info all over the place


Tonight’s the night that Samsung unveils its all-new phablet-sized Galaxy Note 10. Which means that a large leak turning up right about now might spoil the party somewhere. Well, there’s a spoiler warning in effect, as Samsung’s own marketing materials have cropped up online. The short version? We’ve got two new Notes incoming — the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10+. One of em’s bigger.

The folks over at Droid Life managed to get their hands on a Samsung presentation that spills most of the beans concerning the company’s freshest devices. Not that it’s made a whole lot of difference, Samsung’s often as leaky as a rusted submarine when it comes to smartphone info. Regardless, here’s what we know.

Two for one

There are two smartphones being unveiled at Samsung’s Unpacked event this evening: the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10+. The standard Note 10 will be 6.3in in size, while the Note 10+ will stretch your pocket and hands with a massive 6.8in display. That’s… pretty much an Android tablet at this point. Both devices will feature a front hole-punch camera, this one located in the upper centre of the screen. Get ready for some more creative wallpapers.

Pen name

The S-Pen that launches with both devices has also been detailed. The S-Pen will have the ability to spend enough time away from the phone itself. All the better to perform gesture-based commands and to swap between camera lenses (without touching the phone), apparently. You can also use the pen as a shutter button, plus it’ll do all the things you’re used to it doing. We’re hoping to see it in action this evening, as the S-Pen looks like the largest change incoming.

Other confirmations

Samsung’s given both Notes a larger battery life and a “Superfast Charge” feature that let you top up the power in minutes. The Note 10 has a 3,400mAh battery and the Note 10+ sports a 4,300mAh effort. We’re hoping (but not hopeful about) that these’ll give us more than a day’s use. We’re probably wrong there.

Samsung’s marketing material makes a big deal of the company’s upcoming cameras, listing them as “pro-grade” but without going into specifics. The internal specs also weren’t elaborated on but we’re fairly certain that we’ve already seen what Samsung’s sticking inside its flagship device this time around. Stuff will be keeping tabs on tonight’s event so anything that wasn’t spoiled here will turn up a little later tonight. See you there. Or here. Either way, all becomes (officially) known this evening.

Source/Images: Droid Life


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