Sounds like Stuff and Ultimate Ears have two UE Boom 3 speakers to give away


Welcome, welcome, step right up! No, we have no strange creatures and oddities and we’re not quite carnival barkers. We’re just excited to offer you all another giveaway. We’re noticing a bit of a trend on that front, too. We’ve got another couple of Bluetooth speakers up for grabs, this time a pair of UE Boom 3 speakers from Ultimate Ears. We like the sound of that. Except for the bit where we’re not eligible to enter. But hey, that means better odds for all of you.

We’ve got two Ultimate Ears Boom 3 speakers, valued at R2,500 each, to give away. As is customary, we’re only giving away one to each winner. No stereo Bluetooth speakers for you, unless you buy a second one. Assuming you win, that is. And winning is easy enough. We’ve got a simple question and an even simpler request for other info, and then you’re entered. Except if you won one of our previous Bluetooth speakers — you three are ineligible for a while longer yet. Everyone else, though, have at it. After you’ve done your homework.

Sounds Fun

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 is a super-portable wireless speaker built for adventure. It rocks immersive 360° sound with deep bass, all carefully balanced so you can hear every note. But BOOM 3 also hangs tough. It’s seriously waterproof, dustproof and drop proof, which means you can bring vibes anywhere. From the desert festival to the pool party and everywhere in between. Plus BOOM 3 features the all-new Magic Button so you can play, pause and skip songs directly on the speaker. It’s wrapped in a stunning, high-performance fabric that shimmers. The ultimate go-anywhere speaker just got more ultimate.

Right, have you got all that? Hopefully you’ve been paying attention. Though, unlike school, you can just scroll back up and check what you need to. Unless, that is, we’ve gone and done something sneaky like send you to an external website or something. That might require a spot of lateral thinking. Not that we’ve done that this time. Or have we…?

And how have we messed with the Ts&Cs today? Click through to the Terms and Conditions for the bits where we lay out all our strange requirements (Seriously, though… where are we going to find a moose this time of year?) and then you’re set to pop down to the entry form. Or, you know, don’t, but entering means that you agree to be bound by the Ts&Cs, unless you work for Stuff Magazine. If you work for Stuff, you’re not allowed to win this particular competition. Or any other competition hosted by Stuff Magazine. Ever. Winners will be announced on 6 September.


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