Unlimited power: Energizer mobile phones launch in South Africa


Aren’t we all looking for smartphones that are more battery than phone? Certainly some of us are. And now, we can have what we want. Energizer’s mobile phones have landed in South Africa. And now all our battery woes will be gone. Especially if you’re in the market for a more rugged device. 

The flagship of its range, the Energizer HardCase H550S smartphone is designed to withstand rough usage (like mining, farming, construction – basically any profession that requires you drive a Hilux). It is rated IP68, is waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant thanks to its Corning Gorilla Glass face, and is fitted with NFC and dual SIM slots.

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A true battery-booster

The obvious calling-card is the ginormous 4,000mAh battery that features fast charging. According to distributors Pure Distribution, you’ll get 26-hour call time (good luck with that airtime bill), 8 hours of non-stop video streaming, and the ability to transform the HardCase H550S into a power bank and juice up your friends’ phones. 

“We are most excited about the HardCase rugged smartphone range. It’s no wonder the HardCase H550S won Best Rugged Smartphone 2019 at the Mobile News Awards. Not only do they come with incredible battery life, impressive waterproof capabilities and screen durability, but it also offers high-speed connection with a CAT4-LTE speed up to 300 Mbps,” said Colin Williamson, Pure Distribution’s MD.

Pictured – the interior of an Energizer phone’s battery casing.

The Energizer range is available through Takealot and Incredible Connection right now. You’ll pay R7,700 for the H550S, and R4,000 for the H500S from the HardCase range. The dual-SIM feature phone (the E100) from its Energy range will only cost you R700, while Energizer’s E520 LTE is priced at R4,000.


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