No more lag: South Africa will get local PUBG Mobile servers


South Africans know the struggle of below-par ping and the laggy games we endure because of it. That’ll change now for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) players in Africa, with a dedicated server for the service planned locally.

More Chicken Dinner for Africans

“With the launch of Africa’s first PUBG Mobile servers we want to show the continent that we are dedicated to the world of mobile gaming and we have seriously big plans for this region,” says Tencent’s Tramayne Monaghan.

PUBG Mobile landed on smartphones last year, and has since become the world’s most-played battle royale shooter on any mobile platform. The game has over 400 million downloads across mobile platforms, and apparently more than 50 million daily players. gg PUBG

Tencent also announced an updated version of the Erangel map and a new collaboration between PUBG Mobile and AMC’s The Walking Dead that we’ll see later this year. The African servers are expected to go live before the end of 2019. We don’t know when the installation will begin, exactly, or when players can expect the improved connection. But we’re sure you’ll notice right away once local servers go live. Oh, you haven’t won any chicken dinners yet? You can download PUBG Mobile on both iOS and Android raaght now.


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