We’ve got a date: The Samsung Galaxy Fold will debut in September, this time without issues (hopefully)


When tech companies decide to launch a never-done-before product, there’s a certain expectation from the public. That expectation is that the product will work and be impressive af. This is partly why Samsung decided to pull back its upcoming Galaxy Fold after a few industry journalists experienced major flaws with the design.

In the days leading up to its initial launch date, Samsung’s CEO admitted the device was pushed to market ‘before it was ready‘. The company went silent for months after going back to the drawing board. Now Samsung has revealed some specifics of its plans to make sure the Galaxy Fold can survive long-term use, along with a new official release date. 

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Not cutting corners

One major design flaw left journalists perplexed — the Fold’s protective layer was not actually removable, but folks were removing it anyway and dust particles were entering the flexible display. Samsung has reportedly addressed these issues, according to a recent statement published by the company

“Galaxy Fold features additional reinforcements to better protect the device from external particles while maintaining its signature foldable experience. The top and bottom of the hinge area have been strengthened with newly added protection caps. Additional metal layers underneath the Infinity Flex Display have been included to reinforce the protection of the display. The space between the hinge and body of Galaxy Fold has been reduced,” Samsung said in the statement.

Hopefully, this isn’t a ‘too little too late’ situation, as we kinda expected Samsung to address these problems even before initial production started. But we’re excited to see what the Galaxy Fold can be in it’s new, evolved form. The device will start rolling out to ‘select markets’ from September, so we’re guessing people who pre-ordered will finally see the fruits of their large investments. 

Source: Samsung News


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