Apple will release three ‘iPhone 11’ models this year, with new CPU, cameras and haptics tech


All’s been quiet on the Apple front of late, with headlines mostly occupied by official news. But that doesn’t mean the rumour mill has ceased grinding, as is the case with the newest lot of info concerning Apple’s new phones. It’s almost September, which means that we’re rapidly approaching iPhone month, and a new report claims that Apple’s got three iPhone 11 models headed our way. Even better, there’s a decent amount of info out concerning the devices’ specs.

9to5Mac, citing several people “who’ve seen the devices”, reports that we’ll get three iPhone 11 models. It’s unclear whether Apple will use the iPhone 11 designation, though, or whether we’re looking at more Roman numerals for 2019. As before, there will be two OLED-sporting models as well as a lone Liquid Retina (LCD) model. So the current crop will be replaced. Big whoop, right? We coulda guessed that.

Internally yours

As is custom, there’s an all-new processor coming from Apple. Though we also could have guessed as much, based purely on how often Apple unveils a new chip on iPhone day. Apple’s got an A13 headed our way. While we don’t know how much faster it is than the A12, Apple’s bound to share this info on the night. Not before.

There’s also an upgraded haptics system on the way. Apple’s Taptics Engine, internally known as ‘leap taptics’, is being tweaked. Just how it’s being tweaked is still the subject of speculation, though. 3D Touch is being altered, though we don’t know how. It’ll just be… different.

Lens me your eyes

The iPhone 11 model replacing the iPhone XS will arrive with a triple camera sensor on the rear, according to the leak. The extra sensor, apparently, will offer users wide-angle capability. It’ll also enable something called Smart Frame, which will allow users to reframe their images after the fact by capturing image data outside the usual frame. This extra info will be kept on-device and discarded later, in keeping with Apple’s current privacy push.

Apple’s front-facer is expected to get an update as well. Megapixel info is absent but the company will reportedly give the front camera support for slow-mo at up to 120fps.

That’s all we’ve got for now, but September is just around the corner. And, honestly, we’d be very surprised if there weren’t a few more leaks between now and then. Stay tuned.

Source: 9to5Mac


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