Bring on the nostalgia-phones: WhatsApp is now available for loads of KaiOS devices


Though Stuff is typically all about the biggest and best of the smartphone world, we’ve got a soft spot for more basic devices. The only complaint? App support. Specifically, the sort that lets us remain in touch with friends and family. That’s about to change, with the launch of WhatsApp for KaiOS devices around the world.

KaiOS, if you’re unaware, is the very basic operating system that powers low-spec smartphones — like Nokia’s nostalgia-powered 8110 reissue. The Nokia 8110 4G already has access to WhatsApp, but any other device using the OS will now also run the Facebook-owned messaging app. Terms and conditions apply, of course.

Putting on your specs

In order to use WhatsApp on a KaiOS phone, users will need to be rocking one of the phones with either 256MB or 512MB of RAM. Those are specs we thought were long gone when it came to system requirements. What the heck, though. If they can remake The Lion King in 2019, we can use a phone that has early-2000s internals. WhatsApp can be downloaded to KaiOS devices via the KaiStore. MTN’s Smart S 3G appears to be on that list. Just sayin’.

KaiOS CEO Sebastien Codeville says, “We strive to make the internet and digital services accessible for everyone and offering WhatsApp on affordable smart feature phones is a giant leap towards this goal”. 

If you can’t be bothered to install WhatsApp now but are planning on a super-budget device later in the year, you’re in luck. WhatsApp should be arriving pre-installed on most KaiOS devices released from Q3 2019, according to the company.

Source: KaiOS


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