Avengers: Endgame is officially the highest-grossing movie of all time


Just when we thought Marvel Studios couldn’t dominate the silver screen any more than it already does, it goes and tops the ranks for the highest-grossing movie of all time. Yup, it has officially passed previous box office leader Avatar

Marvel chief Kevin Feige and the Marvel Cinematic Universe team announced the milestone at San Diego Comic-Con. During the Marvel panel, Feige also announced movie and Disney+ series release dates for MCU’s Phase 4

“The greatest fans in the universe”

Following the announcement, the directorial duo  (the Russo brothers) tweeted: “To the greatest fans in the universe, from the bottom of our hearts … thank you”

Avengers: Endgame recently took the throne from Avatar, which was released in December 2009. Yeah, the Smurfs-meet-Pocahontas crossover film made by the Titanic guy (James Cameron) held the international box office record for almost a decade with total revenues of $2,787,965,087.

Dislodging the leading film on the lists wasn’t all that simple. It took Avengers: Endgame a little over three months to beat Avatar‘s record. Endgame‘s global gross was $2,789.2 million on Friday last week, and by Sunday it was estimated to rake in a total of $3 billion in the box office. If/when it does, it’ll become the first film in history to ever make that much hard cash. Know what else that makes Endgame? A target. 

Disney and Marvel Studios have been mildly obsessed with box office numbers and saw an opportunity with Endgame. Though the film was closing on Avatar‘s earnings, it wasn’t quite there. Or, at least, it wasn’t there quickly enough for Disney execs. If only it could be released in cinemas a second time… 

The film studio opted to release an updated version of Endgame in theatres on 28 June that featured previously unseen scenes to help draw in audiences for another go. And additional revenue. Well, we’d say the plan worked. Now the chaps at Marvel are going to have to figure out how to defeat themselves next. 

Source: Deadline via The Verge


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