Gamers, start your browsers – Tickets for the rAge NAG LAN go on sale on 27 July


It’s getting to be about that time again, when gamers cycle up for the largest computer LAN event in South Africa. We’re talking, of course, about the rAge NAG LAN, which takes place alongside the rAge expo this September. The folks organising the event have unveiled some new branding, as well as the date that tickets for the NAG LAN go on sale — 27 July.

And you’re going to have to be quick off the mark because tickets to the event typically sell out in minutes. In the event that you’re planning on taking a whole PC (monitor, tower, LED-infused peripherals, perhaps a small nuclear reactor) along, you’re going to want to head here on 27 July and hope that your internet’s working perfectly on the day. Nobody likes disappointment, after all.

New look, same… taste?

The folks behind rAge have revealed a new-look logo for the event — the first since about… 2003. The nothing-to-do-with-Abstergo-at-all logo (seen in the featured image above) has apparently been a long time coming. Event organiser Michael James said “The industry we’re in is always updating things, pushing boundaries and doing something new. We’ve had the same look and feel for the rAge logo since we started out in 2003, so it was long overdue for a refresh!”

rAge 2019 will run from Friday, 27 September to Sunday, 29 September. Tickets will cost R160 for a day pass and R320 for a full weekend’s access, but if you’re carting around a kiddy under the age of six, the youngster will get in free. Please don’t bring entire daycare classes, though. That’s just mean.

Tickets for the event itself are already available at the rAge website, or at Ticketpro outlets. There are also Student (available Friday only, needs a valid student card) and Family Pass (two adults, two kids) ticket options (R110 and R540, respectively) but those will only be available at the door.

Stuff, as is customary, will be in attendance at the event — though we won’t be carting a PC in to sit with the rest of the fraggers for the weekend. We might be convinced to attempt some cosplay, if there’s any kind of demand for it. Please don’t let there be any demand for it…


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