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Are you wondering why the alluring smell of freshly-printed magazines is in the air? That’s because the latest edition of Stuff Magazine has officially landed on magazine racks across the land. Which in turn means that the previous edition is now available in dentists’ waiting rooms nationwide. This dual edition is stacked full of the best in tech you can find atm. It kinda has to be because this one has to last you two months. That’s right, it’s the July/August 2019 issue. We don’t want you to suffer from awesome-tech-withdrawal (ATW — it’s a thing. Look it up). But that’s living in the future and right now we’re all about the present. Check out this pretty-in-yellow edition of Stuff for your complete tech fix, today. 

Is it really time for a new TV? We think a new TV is a grand idea (if you can afford it). Luckily not all the listed TVs in our TV feature are monster 8K sets, and we dive deeper into the big boxes we bury our eyes in each evening (we know you do it, Netflix’s stats don’t lie). But this feature explores a wide array of televisions: ones with borders and ones without — even some top-notch ones that are more affordable by TV standards. Bottom line: if you’ve got some spare cash burning a hole in your banking app, this feature should set you up with your ideal binge box.

We know, we know — the previous, green issue had a whole whack of travel tech. But the July/August 2019 issue’s got even more because there’s a truckload of travel gadgets available rn and you need all of ’em. Trust us. From the new (dare we say: GoPro killer?) DJI Osmo Action for capturing your mates tripping over fishing lines in slow-mo to the perfect noise-cancelling voice-to-text gadget, Pocketalk, this feature will set you up for the perfect winter weekend getaway with the boys (or girls, mind you — girls can also set up a tent).

We all know the dread of choosing a new smartphone. Do you bankrupt yourself and your whole future bloodline to get this brand new flagship smartphone? Or do you go for the ‘Liter’ version? In this issue’s group test, we put budget smartphones to the test to see whether they can perform under pressure. These aren’t top-of-the-rangers, but they won’t bust your bank account. We’ve gone through our fair share of budget and near-unaffordable smartphones, and many of these little dudes can do pretty much everything the bigger dudes can. See this group test in the July/August 2019 issue, yo.

You can obviously expect to see much more than that. Peer through some smart specs and remember Dre in our Beats PowerBeats Pro test. We’ve included our top picks of razors (for reals) and tested the best in cars, gaming laptops and choon-blasters out there. This is your one-stop-read to learn more about the best in tech. Don’t believe us? Really? After all we’ve done together? Well, head over here to get your very own subscription and see for yourself.


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