Drop everything and download: Pigeon Wings Strike


When your city’s under attack, the last thing you’d expect to hear is: “Don’t worry – the pigeons are here to save us!” 

Fortunately, the pigeons in Pigeon Wings Strike are no ordinary pigeons. They’re cool pigeons. They wear shades and everything, so it’s more obvious. Oh, and they fly cute little planes that shoot massive lasers. This is, as it turns out, rather handy, given that the skies are chock-full of drones and massive craft spewing bullet-hell in your general direction. 

Chances are you won’t survive too long in this deranged cartoonish mash-up of Alone…, R-Type and, um, Pigeon Street. But every time you send a new avian hero into the fray in Pigeon Wings Strike, there’s a chance you’ll eke out a few extra seconds and zoom your way to a new high score.

The catch? There is no catch. Download Pigeon Wings Strike for free now on your iOS device and dominate the skies with your avian fleet. 


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