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Have you ever bought a smartphone and asked which processor is powering it? The processor inside a smartphone is its heart and soul, which matters the most. It maintains the overall functioning and performance of a smartphone.

You might not know it, but you have likely used a smartphone powered by MediaTek, with nearly 1 of 3 smartphones being powered by MediaTek.

MediaTek believes that technology should be great and accessible, not expensive. That’s why MediaTek powers premium and feature-rich smartphones at affordable prices.

MediaTek has a wide-range of chipsets with advanced capabilities for a variety of smartphones.

MediaTek’s popular Helio series is a part of the ‘New Premium’ which combines high-end smartphone features and the performance consumers demand at price points for the mass market.

Part of the MediaTek Helio series includes:

MediaTek Helio P

The MediaTek Helio P series is both intelligent and efficient with fast Dual 4G VoLTE connectivity and advanced AI technology for optimized performance. Smartphones powered by this series combine long battery life, incredible camera features and powerful gaming experiences.

MediaTek Helio A

The MediaTek Helio A series has feature-rich chipsets. The devices powered by this series is ideal for users who are looking to receive great value from their smartphones without sacrificing modern capabilities such as an all screen smartphone, Face Unlock, etc.

MediaTek also has other series of chipsets for entry-level to mainstream smartphones to meet the needs of performance, power efficiency, and connectivity at all price points.

So, what’s the advantage of having a MediaTek powered smartphone?

MediaTek focuses on the user experience and what consumers want most from their smartphones like reliable and worldwide connectivity, fast charging, the longest battery life, sharp, clear photos & video and brilliant audio-visual experiences.


It’s easier to capture professional grade photos with MediaTek powered smartphones which support AI enhanced cameras, bokeh effect (depth of field) and high-resolution 4K HDR video recording. Capture excellent photos even in low light conditions without carrying a bulky DSLR camera and experience fast autofocus and great colour reproduction.


Enjoy high-quality entertainment with an excellent viewing experience on MediaTek powered smartphones with a high-resolution display and amazing picture clarity with increased screen responsiveness to make the content seamless, without draining your battery.


MediaTek’s advanced connectivity features such as Dual 4G VoLTE technology brings 4G LTE to both SIM slots which provide fast connectivity, improved call quality and reliable coverage with low power consumption.


Discover MediaTek’s advanced power resource management technology which maximizes the phone’s performance and efficiency for quick response times. The optimised CPU and GPU cores deliver a performance that will exceed your expectations even while you’re simply browsing or having intense competitive mobile gaming sessions.


MediaTek’s Pump Express technology keeps people on the go as it intelligently powers up smartphones safely and quickly, so users don’t spend time tethered to the wall.

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