Nintendo has announced the new Switch that’s Liter on the pockets


The rumours were true — Nintendo was really working on a new Switch console, and here it is. It’s called the Switch Lite and is specifically designed for what the Switch does best — handheld gameplay. This time around the Joy-Cons aren’t removable and the console’s had a massive price cut. It’ll arrive in the US from 20 September at $200 (which works out just under R3k, before taxes and other nonsense).

With the Switch Lite, the biggest differentiator from its big brother is the non-removable Joy-Con controls, the lack of TV-out support, and the absence HD Rumble (you know, the vibrations you feel in your paws during pertinent bits of games). The display has shrunk a bit and is 5.5in, down from 6.2in. Nintendo does say that this one will last longer on a charge — approximately 3-7 hours (so, about 30 minutes longer than the big bro Switch).

Luckily, you’ll still be able to obliterate your kid brother (or sister) in Mario Kart with wireless controllers, because they’ll still connect to the Switch Lite. Just make sure to get your hands on an external charger for them. 

It’ll come in three exciting colour options, none of which are neon red. The colours you can choose from are yellow, grey and turquoise. Once Nintendo South Africa confirms local availability and pricing, we’ll let you know. 

Source: The Verge


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