Call of Duty: Black Ops IV’s zombie-filled Apocalypse Z content drops today


It’s somewhat short notice but Call of Duty: Black Ops IV is getting a bunch of new (paid-for, let’s not get too excited) content in the shape of Operation: Apocalypse Z. The new add-on, as the title suggests, brings more than its fair share of the shambling dead to Activision’s online shooter.

Though detail is a little thin at the moment, Apocalypse Z is introducing some old-school Black Ops zombies action. There are additions afoot for the Zombies story mode, including a few new playable characters (Primis, Ultimis, and robot-warrior Reaper) and additional weapons. Danny Trejo will also be part of the show again, by the looks of it. Or maybe it’s just his character skin we glimpsed in the content trailer (below).

Go for the head

There’s more than just extra zombie stuff to look forward to. There’s other zombies stuff, in different places, to explore as well. The Blackout battle royale map is being tweaked for this Operation, and the zombie threat level might just go way, way up.

Engadget points out that some of the multiplayer maps, including some introduced by this add-on, require the Black Ops Pass (which’ll set you back R715, if you don’t already have it). Or you can shell out R900 for the Apocalypse Z Edition of Black Ops IV, if you somehow don’t already own the base game. Though… we’re not exactly sure whether it gets all of this content. The PlayStation Store link doesn’t do much to make that clear.

Black Ops IV’s Operation: Apocalypse Z content is landing today for PlayStation 4 players, as evidenced by the utterly smug Sony-hosted video above. PC and Xbox One players will have to wait another week to get their zombie-killing eye in. Those platforms get Apocalypse Z from 16 July. Happy waiting.


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