McLaren’s electric 720S has been made for little kids with grand ambitions in life


So you’re the sort of person who spoils your kid, are you? Unless your toddler is styling around in their very own (electric) McLaren 720S, you’re probably not doing it right. The auto-maker has come out with a scaled down version of its 720S supercar specifically for kids. It’s not quite a supercar that shrank in the wash, however. The McLaren 720S Ride-On, to give it its full title, just looks like one.

Bigger on the inside

And it definitely looks the part. McLaren’s design choices are evident everywhere, from the paint choices to the body, doors and trim. It’s not made of carbon fibre, because your kids don’t need that sort of weight reduction just yet. Nor does your wallet, if we’re being honest. Using McLaren’s actual materials would hike the cost of this toy out of reach of most of the population. Even then, its current price makes it a tough purchase for all but the most doting (and well-heeled) parents.

The battery-powered kiddies’ car runs thanks to a single motor that McLaren hasn’t detailed. You won’t have to worry too much about the sprogs getting up to high-speed shenanigans however. The 720S Ride-On arrives with a remote control mode that lets helicopter parents try their hands at (remote) driving for a change. It also arrives in a choice of seven authentic McLaren colours, a functional accelerator pedal and it even starts with its own key. There’s a functional smart dash system in place, which shows car information like battery levels and so on. Kids can also listen to music or watch films if you pop in a microSD or USB stick. Oh, and there’s simulated McLaren V8 engine noise. We reckon that’ll be the bit the young ‘uns will be the most fond of. Parents… not so much.

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If you really have to have one for your loin-fruit, you’ve got your work cut out. They’re a mission to buy but they won’t break the bank — unlike some other mini-vehicles we’ve heard about. McLaren’s 720S Ride-On will set parents back closer to R6000 (£315 is the base price), rather than a little shy of R500,000. Even then, you’re going to be setting the bar for your kiddies a little… high. Maybe scale it back a bit, unless you can afford the real deal as well.


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