Samsung’s Galaxy Fold reportedly back on track, but still no release date for the folding phone


Samsung’s first crack at something really new, the Galaxy Fold, is reportedly back up and running according to those lovely folks, the “…people familiar with the matter”. Samsung’s foldable smartphone/tablet device was set to launch when issues with the display cropped up in April this year… before the Fold went on sale, which is exactly when you want to encounter a large problem. Not after. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a testament to that.

Bloomberg reports that Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has since had the kinks worked out of it, citing the aforementioned familiar-with-the-matter chaps. Which may mean that reports in May 2019 that Samsung had made a plan for the Fold were premature. It could also mean that sources closer to the device’s development are only now feeling comfortable enough to talk about it.

A plan was made

The report claims that Samsung’s redesign of the Galaxy Fold has been completed, whatever that means. It helpfully goes on to add that part of the redesign involves stretching the flexible display’s protective film further, stashing it under the bezels. That should make peeling the film (again: it’s protective) a lot harder to do. Not impossible, though. Someone’s gonna do it, just because they can. But hey, if you wanna pay $1,980 (around R28,000) for a device, we’re pretty sure you’re allowed to do what you want with it. You’re just not supposed to cry about it afterwards.

Meanwhile, the Fold’s hinge has also been repositioned. Samsung’s moved it up nearer the screen. The effect is that the hinge will help stretch the screen a little tighter, which should result in a better view. And less of a crease during use, we’d imagine. That’s quite the cunning plan, Samsung.

Samsung’s said to be shipping components for the Fold’s assembly to a facility in Vietnam shortly, while company executives figure out exactly when it’ll be released to the public. We do know when it’s not showing up — at Samsung’s August Unpacked event for the Galaxy Note 10. Samsung obviously wants the focus on its newest stylus-toting smartphone and nothing else (well, maybe the long overdue Galaxy Home speaker, but then again, probably not). Still, we can’t wait to get our hands on what will likely prove to be very early-adopter fare. With all the perils that position brings with it, too.

Source: Bloomberg


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