Those chickens are up to something: Microsoft’s teasing a retro OS called Windows 1.0


What a time to be alive. Not only are we living in the future, but it seems we’re also travelling back in time. You know, like tachyons. Why all the Doc Brown talk? Well, Microsoft’s teasing a little something called Windows 1.0. It seems to be an obvious reference to Windows 10, based on the retro blue logo for the operating system. Weird how we never noticed that before.

The teaser turned up via the Windows Twitter account, showing the Windows logo moving backwards through the years until we’re looking at a retro version of Windows 10’s logo — right down to some seriously old-school Windows fonts. And, it seems, that was the point all along. The old logo and font appear… real. The thing is, we’re not exactly sure why Microsoft’s teasing an old OS and an old set of features.

Yes, but why?

That’s not to say that there’s not a whole mess of speculation. There’s talk of a tie-in with Stranger Things, the ’80s nostalgia-filled series from Netflix. The retro design in the teaser certainly fits, and Windows 1.0 released back in 1985 — way before South Africa was familiar with all the floppy discs needed to install Windows 3.1. You know, the version of Windows we actually remember using right before MS-DOS wandered off to the CMD function for all eternity.

And Microsoft’s also playing coy, which is a fine thing to do when you’ve caught people’s attention. Just smile, prod the viral beast every so often and bask in the attention. Whatever Microsoft and Windows have up their collective sleeves, we’re sure it’ll all be made clear soon.

Source: Microsoft Windows (Twitter)


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