You can now book flights on the FNB app


FNB has announced that eBucks Rewards members will now be able to book discounted domestic and international flights directly from the FNB app rather than needing to do it through the eBucks website.

The flight booking system is built into the existing FNB app and will allow you to book and pay for flights securely and easily. Using third-party booking systems means exposing your card details to other websites, but the FNB app gives you direct access to your funds in the flight booking system. The service covers a range of major airlines, including FlySafair, Kulula, British Airways, Emirates and South African Airways. 

Soar like a hadeda

For the month of July, FNB and RMB Private Bank customers can expect discounts of up to 40% off on both domestic and international flights. The app also allows consumers to manage their bookings.

“Booking, paying and managing flights for yourself, your family or even your friends has really become easy to do on the FNB App. FNB customers can now compare flights, get discounts as well as get additional Slow lounge visits all when using the FNB App. We look forward to expanding on this and providing even more value to our customers,” says Johan Moolman, eBucks Rewards CEO.

If you’re an eBucks member, make sure to update your FNB/RMB app — you’ll find the updated flights feature under the eBucks tab. Log into the FNB app on your smartphone, select the ‘Flight’s icon under eBucks and then just follow the prompts.


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