It’s a date: Samsung’s new Galaxy Note will be unveiled on 7 August


We always knew this day would come. The skies aflame, the raiders bursting through the barricades. We tried our best to stop them but Samsung’s releasing another Galaxy Note. And the official day has been set, for 7 August this year. Just as the prophecies foretold.

If you count several leakers as prophets, that is. Word on the street has long had Samsung’s next Unpacked event taking place on 7 August this year, and that word has since become law. Samsung’s media invites have been sent and the Galaxy Note 10 will have its day in the sun next month — ahead of Apple’s traditional new iPhone unveiling. The invitation doesn’t give an actual location but that same street-word claims that the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York will be our venue. Same as last year, then?

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink

One of our favourite activities is poring over event invitations looking for hints, like a mage researching old scrolls for a glimpse of the future. (We’re going to keep the fantasy metaphor going for as long as the gods will allow. Believe it.) Samsung’s latest isn’t too hard to divine, though. There’s a prominent stylus, the likes of which we only ever see with the Galaxy Note. But, below the stylus, there’s nothing but a little camera sensor. If you believe the rumours, Samsung’s putting a camera into the stylus this year. The invite… could be a pointer in that direction. Whether it’s also supposed to look like an exclamation mark is a subject we’re not going to be drawn on. That’s just marketing, if it is.

Aside from that one obvious bit of hintery, there’s not much else we can explore. There are no flat planes or strange lines to decipher. Just a stylus and sensor, which is a decent indicator of what makes Samsung’s Note series stand out. As usual, Stuff will have eyes on the presentation so stick around for the newest Note news, as it’s known.


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