Donate your old tech to Tech Relief and help bridge the digital divide in SA


We all know the drill: you look forward to upgrading your phone every two years only to give away the old one which still works just fine. Old laptops, computers and phones are disposed of daily, whether as hand-me-downs, or more worryingly, they’re binned. But now there’s a better way to offload your unwanted tech: Tech Relief

Tech Relief is a new initiative in South Africa that helps underprivileged youth get access to electronic learning tools. It is led by SA tech startup Black Beard and the female tech initiative GirlCode

Technically speaking

The programme allows anyone to donate their old tech devices and have them redistributed to students who can use them. Members of the public can donate anything from iPads, Android tablets and laptops, to iPhones and Android phones. 

“These still equipped, yet slightly outdated devices can be used to address the burning need for technological learning tools in educational institutions and initiatives especially in underprivileged areas,” Tech Relief explains in a press release. 

Each donation isn’t just a once-off either. Donors will have access to a tracking tool that’ll allow them to track who gets the devices and the educational progress they make with it. If you are interested in donating some tech, or just want to know more about the initiative, visit the Tech Relief website.


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