WhatsApp testing status-sharing feature between Facebook, Instagram, and other apps


It’s happened. In a manner of speaking. Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp is currently testing the ability to share statuses — those Instagram-Story–like, limited-time messages — with other apps. Including Facebook and Instagram. What could possibly go wrong?

Right now… we’re not sure. Facebook has been at pains to point out that this particular bit of cross-posting doesn’t actually link your WhatsApp account with any other Facebook-owned properties. Instead, what it does is use data-sharing APIs to transfer information from WhatsApp to other apps on the device — whether you’re using an Android or iOS slab of silicon. That’s a surprisingly Apple-like approach. Facebook also won’t let you automate anything. If you want to share between apps, it’ll have to be your explicit choice. Every time.

Status of the Nation

Facebook might be treading carefully and, at this point, who would blame them? The company’s taking flack from all sides for its misuse of user data and various security and privacy failures. The company looks to be taking its integration of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram very slowly — offering up the appearance of integration first without actually doing any integrating. It’s quite likely that the speed at which Facebook’s plans with this move will be based on user response to this sharing gambit. Once it’s more widely available, that is.

If you (somehow) want to play this little game with Facebook/WhatsApp right now? You’ll have to be part of the WhatsApp beta program, which’ll give you a sharing option beneath your WhatsApp status. You’ll be able to share your pithy comment and/or image with Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, or Gmail. Hopefully, this isn’t a precursor to a whole lot more intrusive integration from the social network.

Source: The Verge


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