A fully charged phone in 13 minutes? Vivo claims its new tech can do just that


The company that brought us in-display fingerprint readers has revealed its latest smartphone feature that’s bound to solve most of the world’s battery problems. Vivo claims that, with its new 120W fast-charging technology, a smartphone can be charged to full in only 13 minutes. 

Vivo just showed off its new charging tech at Mobile World Congress Shanghai. The feature is called Super FlashCharge 120W, and makes use of Vivo‘s custom USB-C cable and travel charger block. The charging tech was tested in a lab setting using a 4,000 mAh battery, and was able to charge the device from 0 to 50 percent in just five minutes. And, subsequently, to 100 percent in a total of just 13 minutes.


Earlier this year Xiaomi shared a video online showing off its 100W fast-charging tech (called Super Charge Turbo) that fills up a battery in 17 minutes. The best part? It’ll allegedly go into mass production soon. If Vivo’s fast-charging tech comes to market, however, it’ll officially be the fastest fast-charging method ever. So far. 

Source: Digital Trends


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