We need to go deeper: Nivea Men’s Deep range gets under more than just your skin


Technology lives everywhere these days. You can’t turn over a rock without spotting some sketchy fella in a hoody and jeans trying to convince his fellow under-rock-dwellers that he’s about to disrupt the Pebble-Underside-economy. Oh, hi Mark.

But we tend to put that sort of tech in our pockets. Turns out, tech exists all over the place and it likes to get everywhere. One of those places? In tubes (just like the internet). And where it likes to go? How about… your skin? Technological skin is one of those things we can get behind. Enter NIVEA MEN’s DEEP range, consisting of the NIVEA MEN DEEP Anti-Blackhead Scrub and the Matte Finish Moisturiser.

The Two Amigos

NIVEA MEN, SA’s no. 1 male grooming brand*, is hitting men in the face with the DEEP range. In a good way. The Anti-Blackhead Scrub and Matte Finish Moisturiser are both designed to take on oily skin and blackheads, issues that men all over the world say they have a problem with. When asked, that is. They’re not all talking skin-care in between lineouts during the Saturday game – and that’s a pity.

NIVEA MEN DEEP’s secret? Active Charcoal, which is where the tech side of thing comes in. Kinda like magical upgrade juice for your face, Active Charcoal is just what you need to soak up excess oils and grime that can cause skin issues. NIVEA MEN’s Dr. Michael Wöhrmann, explains, “Its extraordinary absorption properties make Active Charcoal an ideal ingredient for products that aim to leave a reliable clean feeling.” 

The Whys

But why use them in the first place? Turns out, even standard skin-care routines can leave their performers with dry areas – even if you know what you’re doing. Hence, NIVEA MEN’s DEEP Matte Finish Moisturiser comes in handy even if you’re qualified enough to tell your wrinkles from your er… creases? We want to say creases? The Matte Finish Moisturiser rehydrates dry areas while reducing excess oil, without any residue settling in.

And getting closer to the ‘deep’ side of NIVEA MEN DEEP, the Anti-Blackhead Facial Scrub’s Active Charcoal properties combine with cellulose-based beads to more deeply clean pores. This reduces blackheads, gently exfoliates (exfoliation is important, folks), and also does its part towards keeping your skin hydrated.

Which is where we come to the great ‘Why!’ Because… well, it’s your skin and you’re going to be carrying it around for a long time. Unless you’re the kind of biker who rides in shorts and flops. Might as well look after it. It’s awfully hard to replace, after all. As Biker-Guy will probably (and profanely) confirm.

*Nielsen market value, total male grooming category, 12mm Dec 2018.


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