Looking for a job? This new app matches job seekers with employers


Imagine if you could just ‘swipe right’ on a job you’re interested in. Yeah, well… A new app named MrEmploy wants to be Tinder for job seekers and employers — using a straightforward app-based matching mechanism.

We all know the challenges involved in finding a job, which is why MrEmploy has created a way to streamline matching prospective employees with their ideal positions. It makes the standard job-seeking process as easy as swiping right on that hottie you saw on Tinder. Whether this platform will actually succeed in successfully placing candidates, though, remains to be seen. 

No more hunting

The platform aims to eliminate several steps from the application process through the use of an app. Using MrEmploy, a job seeker creates a profile that includes a standardised micro-CV, a photograph and a 15-second video. Candidates will only see the jobs they qualify for and they can ‘thumbs-up’ the positions they are interested in. The prospective employer will receive a notification and can then have a look through the candidate’s profile to see if they are a good fit.

“MrEmploy is an advanced smart matching system that speeds up recruiting. For employers, it saves time and reduces the risk of hiring the wrong person, while for employees, it links them to the kinds of jobs they are best suited to,” says Ryan Oettle, managing director of MrEmploy.

Currently, it doesn’t cost employees anything to create a profile on the platform, according to the press release. That sounds like the platform may develop some sort of a cost in future. Employers and recruiters will pay R100 per position uploaded to the platform. You can download MrEmploy on both Android and iOS.


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