Light Start – Windows Terminal, Thor vs. drones, new Xbox going solo, and Genshin Impact


Microsoft’s gone and released a new… Terminal for Windows?

So you’ve been using Windows for a while but there’s something missing… You have fond memories of the Terminal in macOS and you wanna relive those? Microsoft’s got you covered, with a new Windows Terminal app dropping to make you feel more and more like a computer hacker while you’re trying not to delete everything using a simple command string. Seriously though, Windows Terminal makes us want to learn how to do things in it, because there’s a whole mess of features that we want to play with. Including… customisation? Really? Oh yes, though it’s limited for now. Wanna test out Windows Terminal for yourself? You can snag the preview version at the link below. It’s… perhaps less exciting than it looks but still.Ooh… shiny.

Source: Microsoft Windows

Thor is back, made of microwaves, and is taking on drones for the US Air Force

Drones, in the wrong hands, can be nasty little things. Packed with explosives, they become speedy, nimble little packages of aerial destruction. Which is why the US Air Force has recruited Thor to help. Not Aussie Avengers Thor, though, Thor in this context is a microwave-based weapon capable of taking down aerial drones. Because all you have to do is kick a drone on the ground to stop it from flying. (ProTip: Don’t do this if the drone is explosive — that’s like booting a landmine.) THOR, in this case, stands for Tactical High Power Microwave Operational Responder and its sole purpose is taking down drone swarms. You know, that sci-fi weapon we’re not supposed to be worried about yet? Anyway, Thor is ready to make friends with all sorts of electronics and might find itself stationed at military bases around the world. Cool, no?

Source: Task & Purpose

Microsoft’s next gen console? Yeah, there’s only going to be one of those

You remember Microsoft’s Project Scarlett, the upcoming new generation of console? Part of the rumour-mill claimed that the company had a second console in the works, codenamed Lockhart. And, like its namesake, we might as well forget all about it. Lockhart was supposed to be a cheaper console, but apparently, Microsoft has now chucked that idea in order to focus on a single, high-end console. We wonder what they’ve heard from the Sony camp that facilitated this shift…? Regardless, the second console is reportedly not going to happen. We’ll just get one new Xbox at some point soon, and we will be happy about it. So there.

Source: via The Verge

Genshin Impact is a game for folks who just can’t get enough Breath of the Wild

Pop on over to the gameplay trailer below, for a title called Genshin Impact. Genshin will look awfully familiar to anybody how picked up a Nintendo Switch at any point since… launch. That’s because it looks, for all the world, like a straight-up clone of Breath of the Wild. Suitably altered so that the game will actually survive release, that is. The setting, the movement, even the animation style all look to be cribbed from Ninty’s stable and yet… this game has possibilities. It looks to have a few of its own ideas ahead of its launch (there’s a beta ongoing if you’re keen). Plus, it’s going to launch on PC and iOS — which gives those gamers a crack at it without having to purchase a (very nice) Nintendo console. Check it out.

Source: Keru (YouTube)


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