That’s just grate: YouTuber recreates Apple’s Mac Pro casing, uses it to grate cheese


It’s a hard life being cheesed off, but that’s just what happens when you’re attempting to afford a member of Apple’s lineup of computers. If you’ve had eyes on the massively-expensive Mac Pro announced earlier this month, though, you might be aware of its cheesier qualities. That is: a casing capable of shredding rotted bovine lactation. Or, at least, so we all thought.

The major joke being made in the wake of Apple’s Mac Pro announcement was that the computer bears a striking resemblance to a cheese-grater. Which, if you consider the machine’s holes and the integrated chassis handle/frame thing, is an easy comparison to make. Easy enough that YouTuber Winston Moy took it upon himself to a) recreate Apple’s case design and b) use it to grate cheese.

CNC and me

Because why the hell not? Moy machined an aluminium block into a semblance of Apple’s to-be-released high-end machine. Moy used a Shapeoko CNC machine to mill the metal into the desired shape, after a little cutting and filling and drilling and… chilling? It’s quite a detailed process, one that Moy goes into at length. If you want to appreciate how much work goes into Apple’s engineering, watch the video above from start to finish.

If, on the other hand, you’re here for the cheese destruction, you can just skip ahead to the 6:00 mark. It’s here that the finished section is used as a household gadget, finally shredding some cheese. Kinda. The cheese used was a hard cheese (pecorino romano, for the committed), rather than a softer gouda or (worse) mozzarella. Long story short: You’re not going to use Apple’s Mac Pro as a cheese grater. It will, however, shred the contents of your wallet without blinking twice.

Just because the Mac Pro makes a poor cheese grater doesn’t mean that you’re not going to hear of at least one toddler forcing a cupcake, some watermelon, or some other easily disintegrated foodstuff through the sides. Which is something we really, really can’t wait to hear about. It’ll be the funniest thing in tech this side of the various Nintendo Wii-related incidents that entertained us so much back in the day.

Source: Winston Moy (YouTube)


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