Stranger Things Season 3’s final trailer discards consumerism, goes big on horror


We’ve been following along with Netflix’s Stranger Things since way before Season 3 was announced. While previous trailers have proved to be a little… meh, showing more drama and a not insubstantial amount of rampant consumerism (albeit a retro version of it), the newest — and final — Stranger Things Season 3 trailer brings the pain. And more than a little horror, to boot.

Planet Terror

Gone are the family-oriented (kinda) interactions between groups of kids, adults, and… you know, human stuff. Instead, the final trailer for Season 3 focuses on the weird, the creepy, the uncanny, and the downright dangerous. There’s a lot to unpack but the threat from the Upside Down hasn’t ended. Instead, it seems to be closer than ever. There’s a callback of sorts to the end of Stranger Things Season 1 (as well as the close of Season 2) but this three-minute trailer is also jam packed with hints of the action to come.

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And that action can’t come soon enough. Stranger Things Season 3 is set to drop on 4 July, which is a very important date if you’re an American. Perhaps doubly so if you’re Tom Cruise. Based on the trailer above, we’re in for one exciting binge when the latest goings-on from Hawkins appear on our screens in a couple of weeks. We can’t wait for Eleven and the gang to pitch up. It’s been long enough now.

Source: Netflix (YouTube)


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