Lock up your muggles, because ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ launches this week


[UPDATE: After an early launch last night, we have noticed that the game isn’t actually available in South Africa yet (no shocker there). But, we also saw Pokemon Go from the same developer only officially launched in SA a few months after the US launch. We know what you’re thinking — just use a US iCloud account for iOS and an APK for Android, but there aren’t actual servers running here yet. So it’s a glorified simulation scouring empty roads atm.]

We were becoming restless waiting for the wonderfully wizardy walking-about game from AR game creators Niantic, called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. This week the developers finally revealed the launch date, and we hope you don’t have any plans for this weekend.

The Harry Potter-themed AR game will officially launch on Friday, 21 June. The official Twitter account posted the news this week, along with a magical AF launch video. Have a look below.

Even though the launch trailer doesn’t really show off official gameplay, it looks just like we expected it to look. It looks like your smartphone acts as a wand. Only it looks like a phone, because Muggles won’t freak out if you have a phone in your hand. With your wand, you’ll be able to cast spells to repel beasties, capture wayward artefacts, and dispel lingering magical effects.

This looks to be the perfect wandering mobile game for both Potterheads and Muggles. Just as Pokémon GO managed to capture the nostalgic creature-capturing child in all of us, we’re pretty sure the hordes of Potter fanboys (and -girls, mind you) will be equally obsessive. Which isn’t a bad thing.

We definitely had our worries about the AR mobile game sensation that seemed to die down after initial hype following Pokémon GO. But this one will likely capture a market that’ll be absolutely obsessed. Both Wizards Unite and Minecraft Earth look like they have a good shot at success. Nevertheless, we’ll be sure to try out this one as soon as it’s available for download. It’ll be available on both iOS and Android on 21 June. So we don’t have to wait long.

Source: Polygon


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