More pics of Uber Air’s proposed sky taxis


Earlier this week at its Elevate conference in Washington, Uber announced plans for its first flying taxis. Dubbed Uber Air, the service envisions consumers getting a regular Uber to and from a rooftop Uber Air station, with the flying cabs vastly shortening journeys like trips from Manhattan in New York City to JFK airport — the company will soon be offering precisely that journey, as it happens, but with helicopters for now.

Uber’s asked a selection of architecture firms to come up with designs for the stations (or Uber Air Skyports, in the official parlance), and it has created a reference design for the flying taxis themselves that various companies can use to build the vehicles. If they were being made in South Africa we suspect they’d look like Toyota Corollas with wings, given that seems to be the local Uber car of choice.

We managed to get a peak at more shots of Uber Air’s reference design, so we’ve plonked them below for your ogling pleasure.


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