Shoot and print pics and, um, take voice notes with the new Fujifilm Instax LiPlay


Fujfilm’s got a new Instax on its roster, and it’s a camera-and-printer-in-one in the vein of the existing SQ10, SQ20 and SQ6 cameras. Unlike the SQ range, though, the new Instax Mini LiPlay uses the smaller Instax Mini film format. The LiPlay can also print smartphone images, and includes the option to take voice notes that can be ‘attached’ to a print by means of a QR code.

Voice notes can be up to 10 seconds long, and are captured using the microphone button on the front of the LiPlay. Users can then scan the QR code to hear the audio recording. Is it gimmicky? Definitely. Is it novel nonetheless? For sure. It is very Japanese? Indubitably.

Take your pick of your pics

The LiPlay includes enough on-board storage for 46 shots, but this can be expanded via a microSD card. Though many users might prefer to take pictures with their smartphone and then print them using the LiPlay. The camera includes a 2.7in rear display for framing and editing shots.

Users can also use the accompanying LiPlay app to apply filters or frames to images before printing them, or to trigger the camera remotely, which should make for easier group shots than the old self-timer-oh-my-god-run-run-quickly-smile approach to which we usually have to resort.

The LiPlay goes on sale locally next week during Fujifilm’s PrintLife Exhibition (on at Sandton City in Johannesburg from 19 to 24 June 2019). It’ll come in three colours (gold, white and black) and cost R2,500. Packs of film cost around R160 for a 10-pack, or R300 for 20.


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