Steven Spielberg’s new horror series will leave you in the dark, quite literally


Steven Spielberg is writing a new horror show for an upcoming video streaming service called Quibi (which is short for “quick bites”) a platform dedicated to short-form video, created by former Disney executive Jeffrey Katzenberg and former HP CEO Meg Whitman. You’d better get your thunder buddy because you’ll only be able to watch this show at night when it’s dark out. For reals.

The series will be called After Dark and will play out over 10 to 12 episodes exclusively on Quibi. Each episode will only be between 7 – 10 minutes long. And according to Variety, Katzenberg said that Spielberg has already written five or six episodes.

Basically, like waiting for 7de Laan at 7pm

Apparently, the upcoming streaming service’s engineers have come up with a clever way to keep users from watching the show during daylight. Using the internal clock on a user’s phone, Quibi can tell when the sun is about to set. According to the phone’s time, the Quibi app will have a countdown clock that’ll count down to sunset. Then the show will be available to watch.

Obviously, that means that the show will disappear once the sun rises again. That also means that this show is ideal for vampires with nothing better to do.

However, it might be a while before we see the series. Quibi will only launch in April 2020, and even then we don’t know if it’ll ever be available in South Africa. We do know that the service will offer a free trial for two weeks, after which it’ll cost $5 per month to access content with ads, and $8 per month to do the same without ads.

Source: Variety


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