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The smartphone ownership paradigm is shifting from the latest specs and hardware to actual device experience over time. Enter HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones. A Finnish start-up carrying forward the Nokia brand legacy of quality and trust since 2016, HMD Global announced their move to Android OS making sure you don’t need to worry about what the future holds.

Every Nokia smartphone is guaranteed to receive two years of OS upgrades, ensuring you benefit from all the latest software features — meaning your phone experience will keep getting better over time. HMD Global has an unmatched track record of keeping your smartphone up to date with the latest innovations from Google – from AI powered Adaptive Battery to Google Assistant across the range. Pure secure and up-to-date with monthly security updates.

Keep trending

Trends are very much like the weather, always coming and going, however the cellphone trend is one that shows no sign of ever ending. With 2.71bn of us around the world owning a smartphone[1], it seems like we’re fully embracing the mobile age. But, with such a vast and growing device ecosystem, not all of us are ready or willing to fully embrace the fast hardware upgrade cycle. Why? Because we’re either not interested in buying the latest tech yearly, but simply want a smartphone that we can keep for a while without worrying about it becoming obsolete.

Consumers should be shopping for upgradeable phones that get better over time. As we evolve so do our shopping habits, and this is where we realise the value proposition in purchasing a phone that gets better over time rather than one that is blinded by its spec. A smartphone that not only lasts but remains reliable and up-to-date as time goes by, allowing you to stay tech-savvy while reducing tech waste and making sure your device stays fresh for longer.

Making the right choices

In the fast-growing saturated smartphone category, choosing a smartphone that can stand its ground in the face of increasing cyber security threats is important. We already know viruses pose a real threat to smartphones and it’s natural that we want our data to be handled responsibly. Surprisingly, more than half of Android devices are running a version of Android older than two years[2], meaning they face potential vulnerabilities through lack of updates. With our promise to deliver the latest version of Android and three years of monthly security updates for each and every smartphone, we’re making sure you can enjoy your device with complete peace of mind.

Over the past two years Nokia phones have received over 300 security updates, and with almost the entire portfolio now running the latest Android 9 Pie, we have delivered updates almost twice as fast as any other manufacturer. We pride ourselves on the longevity of our phones. This goes far beyond our reputation for hard-wearing devices with incredible battery life. It’s about ensuring the experience keeps getting better, so you can avoid the-latest-smartphone-must-have-FOMO whilst enjoying all the latest software features and most secure updates on a simply great phone.


An experience that starts with the promise that Nokia smartphones can, should and will get better from day 1 to 1001.

For more information on Nokia’s constant Android improvements, pay a visit to https://nokia.ly/2X1tCiX

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