Google is killing its standalone Trips app in August 2019


The Google Trips app is the latest service to join the ignoble ranks of apps and services the company has relegated to the technology graveyard. Some users of the app received a push notification this morning informing them that Trips will cease to exist on 5 August 2019.

Trips allows users to create itineraries for travel, including planning activities based on the sorts of things they enjoy doing, how long they’re visiting a particular destination, and even what the weather is expected to be like during their trip. Users of Gmail could have basic trips created automatically based on emails with plane ticket information and the like in them.

Unlike some other Google services that fully got the axe, though, many of Google Trips features will live on in Google’s regular search tool and in Google Maps. When we opened the notification announcing the imminent demise of Trips we were pointed to a Google Support page outlining which features of it will live on and where.

For example, to find things to do in a destination users can head to and head over to the ‘Explore’ tab. Things like reservations will, according to Google, be available “soon” in Google Maps. With the company adding ever more features to Maps, we’re not entirely surprised to see Trips being shutdown. So long, Trips, and thanks for all the suggestions of tourist traps.


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