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We’re here. It’s the mid-point (just about) of the year, and we’ve breezed through events so far. Relatively speaking. 2019 is no 2018 (or 2017), thankfully. There’s been a lot of awesome tech out on the market so far, and a whole lot more to come, but we’re only concerned about the future when we can actually handle it. You know, in prototype format or better. What’s pretty much what we do here at Stuff Magazine, after all. And we’ve done that a whole bunch for the June 2019 issue, which has just hit stores everywhere. Contained within the pages of our fresh green (in the literal sense) June 2019 issue is a whole mess of the absolute best in tech. Go and get your copy, today. 

It’s time to go outside. The winter weather might disagree but are you really going to let mere climate dictate what you’re going to do? Obviously you need to pay attention to things like tsunamis and earthquakes but a spot of cold? Yeah, nah. You need to get out more and in order to do that you need gear. Tackle the great outdoors, even as frozen a lot as we have right now, with our Get Out outdoor tech feature. From sleeping bags to teeny little tents to all the gear you need to run, cycle, hike, photograph, and snack (outdoor snacking is important, folks), the June issue of Stuff has what you need to get out there and do stuff.

Do you need a new big screen in your lounge or living room? 8K might be on the way but 4K is still the way to go. In the June 2019 issue of Stuff Magazine, we’ve stacked two of the best  — one each from arch-rivals Samsung and LG — against each other. Does QLED have what it takes to take down OLED? Has Samsung improved its OS enough to take on the always-excellent webOS from LG? How much of a difference does the price difference (and you’d better believe there is one) make to your TV screen of choice. Pick up your copy of the magazine and find out today.

Your ears really deserve better than your smartphone’s speakers. No matter how good your mobile device’s internal noisemakers are, they’re never going to match up to a dedicated external speaker. You might be able to see where this is going. We’ve got a rundown of Bluetooth speakers for you in the June issue of Stuff, covering most of the highlights of our famous Top 10 lists as well as a few more hard-to-locate and the odd extremely-expensive model. Whether you’re after ultra-portable, long-lived, or just loud-as-heck from your Bluetooth speakers, we’ve got everything you need to know — all in one convenient issue.

There is, of course, more. There’s always more. We’ve got vacuum cleaners and amplifiers, upgrades and tips, tech tests both great and small, as well as games, series, streaming suggestions, and smart home tech, to name just a few of the highlights of the June 2019 issue of Stuff Magazine. Cameras, virtual reality, odd motor vehicles, apps, a surprisingly large number of water bottles, and much, much more — all in the June issue. Pick up yours today. 


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