Google Maps will now show the local speed limit in SA


No more guessing the speed limit between Vereeniging and Randfontein — Google Maps is rolling out the ability for users to see speed limits, speed cameras and mobile speed cameras in South Africa. The feature was only available on Google-owned Waze before now, and also only in certain countries on Google Maps.

We haven’t seen Google integrate many Waze features into its default Maps service since its acquisition of the Israeli company in 2013, so we’re pleased to see this overlap. We do wonder how much the two share live traffic data, though.

The rollout of the new feature is on Android as well as iOS. Android users will be able to report mobile speed cameras and stationary cameras, while both iOS and Android users will be able to see those updates during their drive. So, iOS users won’t be able to report anything and will have to trust the word of Android users.

Speed limits appear in the bottom corner of the app, while speed traps show up as icons on the virtual roads in-app. We’re not quite sure how quickly the rollout will take place, or when South African users will start having access to the feature, but we’ve seen it on one device in the office. So hopefully the rest of us will get it soon.

Source: TechCrunch


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