The Defender of the Green is looking mighty angry in the first full Swamp Thing trailer


We’ve been keenly following Swamp Thing, the new DC Universe series that’s dropping at the end of this week, since its announcement earlier this year. The short-on-details teaser soon followed, giving us more of a horror-like, Resident Evil vibe than we were expecting.

Now, finally, we’ve got a btter look at the Defender of the Green with Swamp Thing‘s first full trailer. It’s about time, too, since the series drops on 31 May. That’s the end of this week. Yay!

Swamp Things are like onions

The series follows scientist Abbey Arcane investigating her home town, Houma in Louisiana, after a swamp-borne virus starts killing folks. Along with Alec Holland (the chap who eventually becomes the Swamp Thing), the investigation turns up more than a few mysteries.

The trailer above fills in some of the gaps we’ve been missing. It’s not just going to be spooky settings, creepy conditions, and unusual occurrences. There’s set to be a whole lot more narrative, but we’ll get more detail when the series actually drops. What we do know is that when the humanoid avatar of Nature is upset, he gets really, really upset.

It’s just a pity that the series, which is exclusive to the DC Universe streaming service, isn’t officially available in South Africa at launch. We’re sure there are any number of unofficial methods of watching it, possibly involving Nords.


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