Microsoft’s got a purple Fortnite Edition Xbox One S incoming, according to leaks


If you’re playing Fortnite and don’t at some point perform a dance that someone isn’t suing Epic Games over, have you really played Fortnite? That’s more of a philosophical question but soon we’re going to have another one: Can you really claim to play Fortnite if you’re not doing it on a Fortnite console? Is that a thing? Apparently, yes. Microsoft’s supposedly got a purple Fortnite Edition console on the way, according to leaks spotted online recently.

German website WinFuture has managed to snag images of the whole lineup, from the Gradient Purple Xbox One S to the equally (blue+red) Xbox One controller. These are the same folks who managed to get an early look at Microsoft’s new Xbox One S All-Digital console, so we’re going to assume this brightly-coloured effort is also real. Unless proven otherwise. Spoiler: It won’t be proven otherwise.

Loot box?

There’s not a whole lot of different between the so-called Xbox One S Fortnite Limited Edition bundle and a standard 1TB Xbox One S — at least on a hardware level. The major changes are visual, but there are also bits in the bundle that leave no doubt that you’re purchasing something that involves flossing. Fortnite is included, as are 2,000 V-Bucks and a Dark Vertex player skin. So that everyone will know you’ve spent money on a Fortnite console. There’s also a month’s subscription to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. Because how’re you going to win without it?

There’s no official launch date for the hardware, and Microsoft hasn’t even confirmed it yet, but it’s said to be hitting the market shortly. E3 is just around the corner, which would be a perfect time for Microsoft to make the announcement. Pricing is said to be similar to existing bundles. It’s set to launch in the States and Europe. No other regions have information as yet.

If it lands here, expect to pay about what you’d pay for any other 1TB Xbox One S bundle. This one’ll just be purple. And a bloody mission to find, so snap one up early.

Source: WinFuture (translated)


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