If you need more power, Apple’s updated MacBook Pros have eight cores


Apple’s top laptops just received a big update — its 15in and 13in MacBook Pros will launch with faster Intel processors. Faster is always better, didn’t ya know?

The 15in Pro will get the most substantial update, with brand-spanking’ new Intel 9th Gen Core processors. If you want to go that high. The base model now starts out with a 2.6GHz, hexa-core i7 processor, which you can turbo boost up to 4.5GHz. Go up a step, and you’ll get the 2.3GHz, octa-core i9 processor which can boost up to 4.8GHz. This marks the first time an 8-core MacBook will be available on the market.

And that’s not all

Apple also offers a custom configuration that features a more powerful i9 chip with a 2.4GHz base speed — you can boost this one all the way up to 5.0GHz if you want to try and time-travel or mine Bit-… Never mind.

The 13in Touch Bar models received a similar processor update. The base model has a speedy little 2.4GHz 8th-gen quad-core i5. For the top-spec model, you’ll get a quad-core i7 CPU, which can reach boosted speeds of up to 4.7GHz.

Other than processors, there aren’t many other spec updates. The Macbooks will feature the same Retina display as previous models, stereo speakers with wide-stereo sound and the full house of Touch (Touch ID, Touch Bar and a Force Touch trackpad). Apple will offer a choice of SSD storage, their T2 Security Chip and Thunderbolt 3 ports.

The speedy update is only coming to the Touch Bar models, so no love the no-Touch Bar models. The 13in MacBook Pro without a Touch Bar? Nope. Only Touch Bars in this race. At launch, the US pricing stands at a $1,800 (R26,000) starting price for the 13in model and $2,400 (R34,500) for the 15in model. We’ll have local pricing and info once it’s been confirmed. 

Source: Apple Newsroom


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