Light Start – A Wing for Fins, Uber silent, Batman: Hush, and RIP Grumpy Cat


Wing will be making drone deliveries in Finland from June

Google-owned Wing, the company planning to make deliveries by drone, will officially start up in Finland on a limited basis. Launching from June in Helsinki’s Vuosaari district, Wing intends “…delivering fresh Finnish pastries, meatballs for two, and a range of other meals and snacks” to locales in the region. The reasoning for the location is it’s populous, allowing for somewhat smarter deliveries. Wing’s trial will use products from the Herkku Food Market, as well as the city’s Cafe Monami. Locals can expect to order… well, food mostly. This is just a limited trial of drone deliveries, following Wing’s attempts in other locations. We’re following developments on this Google project. Perhaps soon we’ll be ordering pizzas and getting them delivered directly to our front doors here at home.

Source: Medium

You can now specify whether you want your Uber driver to talk to you or not

Getting into a car driven by a stranger brings with it a certain amount of social pressure. Assuming you were planning to get into the car in the first place — any other scenario is a rather darker proposition. But ordering an Uber (or a related form of transportation) carries with it the expectation of… being social, really. Until now. Uber has a new ‘Conversation’ section where passengers can specify whether they want a talkative or silent driver, or whether they don’t care at all. Which would be a boon for more socially-anxious folks looking to get a lift, though it seems that not everyone is very impressed with the change. Some drivers worry it may affect their earnings, others reckon it might improve them. We suspect that folks who don’t really like talking to strangers will appreciate the option, though. We just won’t hear about it from them, for obvious reasons.

Source: The Guardian

Coming soon from DC’s animated line of films: Batman: Hush

DC’s live-action films tend to melt in the heat given off by Marvel’s extended universe experiment but there’s one place the rival comic publisher shines: animated films. If you don’t believe us, check out… pretty much any of them (starting with Justice League Dark). If you’re excited by that lot, then turn your eyes towards the next few weeks. There’s a new animated DC film based on the Hush storyline called, oddly, Batman: Hush. Long story short, just about every villain in Gotham is after the Bat and they’re being directed by a shadowy figure known only as Hush. Want more info? Check out the official trailer at the link below. The film will be available digitally from 20 July, with a physical release (on 4K and standard Blu-ray) and a jump to the DC Universe streaming service from 13 August.

Source: DC (YouTube)

Internet meme Grumpy Cat has died at age 7

Losing a pet is always a sad occurrence. It’s perhaps even sadder when millions of folks know who your pet is — even if said pet isn’t exactly known for being socially active. Internet meme Grumpy Cat (otherwise known as Tardar Sauce) has passed away following complications arising from a urinary tract infection. Grumpy Cat passed away earlier last week, on 14 May, though her family only notified… the world, we guess, several days later. Because that’s exactly what we’d do if a family pet passed away. Even a famous one. We’re willing to bet that wherever Grumpy Cat is now, she doesn’t look very impressed. Goodbye, internet feline. You will be missed. Not that you’d care, one way or the other.

Source: Grumpy Cat (Twitter)


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