Samsung’s apparently figured out the issues surrounding the Galaxy Fold


Samsung’s Galaxy Fold folding smartphone is supposed to be a revolutionary device, but problems with the early review units led to the company shelving release while they figured out a solution. Now, if a report from Korean news outlet Yohnap News is accurate, Samsung has done just that.

Samsung has yet to confirm the report but it has apparently sorted out the display problems the Galaxy Fold was experiencing. Some of the issues occurred because folks were peeling off a protective layer, while others had to do with the device’s hinge. The protective layer was previously just placed on top of the screen, making it look like those films you just love to glide off new appliances. And then, the gap in the hinge was large enough to let (small) foreign objects under the flexible display.

Quick fix? 

The report claims that Samsung’s extended the size of the protective covering, slipping it underneath the device’s bezels. You know, where you’d have to be a total muppet to remove it from. In which case it becomes your fault. Intrusion of unintended matter is being prevented by slightly reducing the size of the hinge’s gap. It’ll apparently be better covered by the existing protective frame.

Which sounds well and good on paper — a speedy fix for Samsung and an innovative device that can go back on sale. We’d still like to get a few weeks’ hands-on time with the new and improved Galaxy Fold (provided it is both of those things) before committing to buying one, though.

As we’ve mentioned, though, there’s no official comment and no on-sale date for the Galaxy Fold just yet. But it sounds as though Samsung’s making progress, at the very least.

Source: Yohnap News (Korean) via CNET


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