Fujifilm opens its overhauled Innovation Centre to the public


Fujifilm South Africa recently revealed its brand new Innovation Centre based in Roodepoort, Johannesburg. It’s the first of its kind in Africa for the imaging solutions company, and it offers demonstration areas for more than just people’s photographic needs.

From photog to medic

We bet you would link the company name to photography and digital printing in a heartbeat, but it also offers a range of state-of-the-art medical systems and solutions. These are mostly powered by its medical-specific scanning and photography systems.

Most notably, the centre recently got its hands on an Amulet Innovality — a top of the range digital mammography X-ray unit with 3D capability (Tomosyntheses). This piece of tech can help detect early-stage breast cancer. It joins the FDR Smart X-ray machine that assists with the screening of tuberculosis patients, amongst other things.

The centre has also installed an artificial intelligence-driven screening system called REiLi, This software tool is used to support radiologists’ clinical decision-making — it has helped in the screening of lung disease, which in turn helps to diagnose more patients earlier.

‘Green’ printing

Fujifilm’s also hooked up the whole centre with its UV Greenguard certified UV inkjet inks for all its wide format printing systems. Which essentially means the inks don’t include any harmful trace-elements that could harm the polar bears.

Furthermore, the centre is fitted with a range of Superia CTP Offset Plates — these plates help reduce the in-house chemical usage save on valuable resources. Every little bit helps, after all. 

Most importantly, go play

Remember the ‘demonstration areas’ we mentioned earlier? Well, Fuji has dedicated sections for visitors to test and play with the company’s popular X-series mirrorless cameras and Instax instant cameras (and, believe us, you want to).

The Innovation Centre Africa is open to Fujifilm business partners and members of the public during office hours from Monday to Friday.


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