Light Start – Bezos on space, Musk on satellites, I am Mother, and Batwoman


Strap in for an hour with Jeff Bezos on humans taking a place in space

We know it’s Monday, it’s mid-month, and maybe you’ve got a whole bunch of stuff that needs doing this morning. But you might want to make some time to check out Jeff Bezos talking about humanity moving off-planet. Soon. And since Bezos is hoping to send humans to the moon rather soon, we reckon he’s given it quite a bit of thought. There’s more to the talk than just the Blue Moon lunar lander, though. There’s quite a bit of detail on human expansion and power consumption, and reasons why we need to get at least some of us off this planet and onto another one. Or two. Or five. Eventually. Check it out when you’ve got almost an hour spare.

Source: Blue Origin

Elon Musk shares some 60 internet-providing satellites packed into the Falcon’s fairing

For those of us staying on Earth, we’re going to need internet access. Access that SpaceX and Elon Musk are hoping to provide (along with a few other folks, we guess). Elon Musk has shared a batch of 60 satellites, destined for space and eventual internet coverage providers. Don’t get too excited though, Musk says that it’ll take another six launches of 60 satellites for “minor” coverage and another twelve launches of 60 for “moderate”. That’s a lot of floating computer hardware. Hit the link below to see just what 60 closely-packed satellites look like. If something goes wrong with the newest launch, that’s a lot of hardware that’s going to fry. And Musk himself said “Much will likely go wrong on 1st mission.” So… bye, awesome computer hardware. Good luck.

Source: Elon Musk (Twitter)

I Am Mother wants to make you more than a little suspicious of robots

Okay, so we’ve seen this sort of thing before. In video games, mostly. The trailer for Netflix film I Am Mother is part Ex Machina, part Portal, and part Horizon: Zero Dawn, if we’re taking the trailer at face value. A young girl is created and raised by a robotic mother, part of a future that is supposed to give humanity a ‘second chance’. But then another human turns up from outside, claiming that things aren’t quite what they seem. The film looks to be playing on the fears humans have (or will have) when it comes to interacting with robots en masse. Plus a little action thrown in. The film drops on Netflix from 7 June this year.

Source: Netflix (YouTube)

Batwoman is the newest DC series coming to American (and likely, South African) screens

If you’re at a loss for a Marvel series (until Disney+ gets itself going), it might be worth looking at the DC equivalent. Supergirl, Flash, and Arrow already have their places carved out (and a few crossovers have happened), next up is Batwoman. There isn’t much detail, but we do know that Ruby Rose will be playing Kate Kane, otherwise known as Batwoman. That’s it. We’ve got no idea when the series drops, just that it will. Eventually. It looks as though Miss Kane might be borrowing a few style choices from Christian Bale’s Batman, though. The choice of cowl looks awfully familiar to us. As long as she doesn’t also borrow his voice, this one’ll probably be okay.

Source: The CW (YouTube)


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