Google Play Store will help you save storage on Android soon


If you’re one of those people who love accumulating apps that you never use (let’s call it app-hoarding), Google has your best interests at heart, it seems. The company that owns and develops all things Android is rolling out a solution that’ll notify you about unused apps, and help you keep a tidy app-drawer. Google’s being… the Marie Kondo of apps?

The folks at Android World picked up that some Android users have started receiving notifications from the Google Play Store, telling them to delete unused apps.

“Does it spark joy?”

Clicking on the notification takes you through to the app store and presents a complete list of your apps. This list shows file sizes and when each app was last used. Then you can make the choice to axe all the rubbish games, or apps that you thought would be useful but only opened once. You didn’t even complete the sign-up. Shame. SHAAAAME!

There are obvious reasons why this feature is super useful — it opens up space on your device. This is especially ideal for users who have lower-end devices with less storage space. Another great pro is that your app-drawer wouldn’t look like the app icon version of Twister anymore.

This feature won’t be for everyone, however. Even though the Stuff staff like to think we keep a clean app drawer, we’ve seen some drawers that are in terrible condition. Do you really use 150 apps, Marelize? Didn’t think so.

We don’t know when the feature will roll out for reals, but a few users have seen the notification on their Android phones already. It’s likely a rollout on the down-low. We’ll update if there’s an official announcement from Google. 

Source: Android World


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