And out come the Wolves: Ubisoft announces co-op Ghost Recon Breakpoint


Last night Ubisoft (officially) announced the newest entry in their open-world Ghost Recon series. Titled Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the sequel to 2017’s Ghost Recon Wildlands will transport players to a fictional location to do battle with some fictional weapons. And, yeah, and the Punisher.

Yeah, you’ll be taking on the Punisher. Ghost Recon Breakpoint plonks players down on Aurora, an island in the Pacific packed with large amounts of tech. The kind of tech that kills people. You know, drones, heavily armoured unmanned tanks, that sort of thing. And more than a few standard soldiers (known as Wolves) to put bullets into, led by one Cole D. Walker — a former Ghost played by Jon Bernthal. The main villain of Breakpoint, players will have to contend with Walker as well as the advanced tools created by Skell Technology.

Bring your friends

The island setting serves the same purpose New Zealand does for filmmakers — it offers a range of settings in a very localised area. Players will be moving from jungle to snow to cities in their quest to… save the world, we guess?

Player characters will be customisable and players will be able to select either sex when it comes to creating their Ghosts. But perhaps the most interesting part of the game is the new injury system. Players can be injured, something that will impact combat effectiveness and which will require time and healing to overcome. And if you’re injured with a friend in the area, they can carry you out of harm’s way because you took a few too many bullets to the legs. What were you thinking? You don’t tank in a Ghost Recon game.

Players will also be able to camp in The Bivouac, a temporary camp that lets them rest up and prepare for a mission. There are improved stealth and cover options incoming, which may make this one feel like you’re actually wandering the wilderness without much support. You know, what a Ghost Recon soldier would call ‘Tuesday’. All in all, there are some intriguing mechanics planned for Breakpoint and we really want to see them in action.

Which should not be all that long. Want to get some early time with Ghost Recon Breakpoint? You can sign up for the beta here. If you decide to pre-order the game, your beta access is guaranteed. The game will launch from 4 October 2019, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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