It’s time to kill the boogeyman with strategic shooter John Wick Hex


We’re huge fans of the John Wick series of films and with the third film, John Wick 3: Parabellum, dropping a little later this month it’s a good time to announce a game. Which is just what Good Shepherd Entertainment and Bithell Games have gone and done. Called John Wick Hex, it’s a… strategy game? Seriously?

You might think that the badassery that is John Wick would suit an action game in the vein of Max Payne. And you’d be completely correct. A full-motion game with very clean kills and effective room-clearing would be an awesome experience. But it’d also lose something in translation. Because… none of us are John Wick.

The strategy-focused approach the game’s developers have taken seem far more true-to-form for the Keanu Reeves character.

Players will tactically “…choose every action and attack they make while considering their immediate cost and consequences”, which will probably lead to Wick perishing on at least a few occasions. Getting it right, though, looks like it’ll feel just like being Wick. You know, blasting through the bad guys while taking some damage and handing out critical hits to anyone dumb enough get within pencil-range. Honestly, the gameplay teaser looks equal parts XCOM and John Wick — we’re pleased with that particular combination.

John Wick Hex is being developed for consoles but will arrive for PC and Mac first. You’ll have to get that Epic Games account warmed up too. The title will be exclusive to the home of Fortnite at launch — which kinda suggests later availability elsewhere. As for the launch date… we’re honestly kinda mystified there. Hopefully not too soon, as we’d like to see this one escape the typical curse of movie tie-in games. You know, the curse that means they wind up… sucking. Based on what we’ve seen, we’re safe. John Wick’s got a reputation for pulling off the impossible, after all.

Source: Good Shepherd Entertainment


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