Twitter now lets you add GIFs, images, and video to retweets


Twitter can be many things. A place to look at all the good dogs, Bront. A digital field for harvesting GIFs. A fine place to increase your blood pressure. A spot best used for harvesting news relevant to your interests. The trick is curating the folks that you follow in order to provide the experience you want. But don’t you feel like Twitter could be more? Twitter does.

To that end, the service has announced a new feature. Specifically to do with retweets. No more will we be shackled by a simple retweet or a retweet-with-text. No, now we have the option to jazz up possibly-boring (but relevant) retweets with the addition of GIFs, video, and photographs. We can see the lawless wasteland that is the shortest social media service becoming a far more… graphic… place soon.

Users will be able to add GIFS, a video, or up to four images to a single retweet, provided they’re using the Android or iOS apps or the mobile browser version of Twitter. It’s simple enough to use. Just select Retweet With Comment and then add the media that you’d like to augment your RT with using the icons. It could be simpler, but not by a whole lot.

The feature, which Twitter says was requested by many, many users, is available everywhere right now. And there’s apparently more to come from the service. We’ll keep our eyes peeled on Twitter. As long as our blood pressure allows, anyway.

Source: Twitter


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