A new twist on an old classic: All aboard the Snakeybus


What happens when you combine Bus Simulator 18 with classic mobile game Snake? We’d like to think that you’d wind up with something like Snakeybus, a game so delightfully bonkers that we can’t stop watching the trailer. We suspect that we probably wouldn’t be able to stop watching someone play this one. And as for playing it ourselves… headsplosion.

Seriously though. Take a look at it. Look at Snakeybus in action. The premise of the game is simple. Travel around and pick up passengers. Only the more passengers you gather, the longer your bus gets, until eventually you’re piloting one of five massive snake-busses around one of six different settings and trying not to drive into the back of yourself. Like we said, bonkers. And that’s before the bus starts flying through the air.

But perhaps just bonkers enough to work. Developer Stovetop are releasing Snakeybus a little later on this month and we’re keen on being among the first to play it. Want to snag your copy of this indie title when it drops? Hit up the Snakeybus page on Steam’s store. The game will go live from 10 May, and pricing will be confirmed a little closer to the time.

Source: Snakeybus (Steam)


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