This is the worst timeline: Samsung’s got a vertical TV, called the Sero, on the way


Okay, okay, we’re totally having a go at Samsung here. The Korean company has a new TV on the way, called the Sero. It’s not quite as apocalyptic as we’re making out, either. It’s just got one little feature that, honestly, makes it stand out. Or up. It has the ability to change from a horizontal orientation to a vertical one. Because we all know that vertical video is acceptable now. Right? Guys? Where are you going?

We control the horizontal, we control the vertical

Seriously, though, in heading to the Outer Limits (sorry) of television design, Samsung might actually be on to something. The Sero (which means ‘The Vertical’ in Korean, we’re told) is a 43in TV screen that can be flipped from a standard widescreen format to a vertical one. Because of millennials, apparently. It seems those pesky kids, when not screwing with the golf, wedding and housing industries and eating all the avocado toast, have been filming loads of things in a vertical orientation.

We’re not sure who these mobile video blasphemers are but Samsung hopes to get them to purchase a Sero — all the better to show off their vertical smartphone video by casting (we assume) their antics onto a TV screen. A screen designed to show off the trip to the botanical gardens, a walk through a music festival, or whichever restaurant made that amazing little fruit design. You know, the Sero.

Some standard parts

Samsung’s TV also comes with 60W 4.1 channel speakers and the rather interesting stand that’ll let you pretend the television is a bit of artwork on an easel when powered off. Because Samsung’s giving it similar functionality to The Frame, which shows rotating static images when not in use. In keeping with Samsung’s smart home ambitions, it’ll multitask. Users will also be able to use it as a smart home hub, a streaming device (the screen will act as a visualiser if you’re into that), and it’ll have Bixby support as well.

Time will tell if the Sero catches on or if we’ve got a Samsung K Zoom on our hands. It’s set to launch in South Korea in May this year, where it’ll retail for about R23,000. Based on the initial response, Samsung may put this oddball into the market in other places around the world.

Source: Samsung via Digital Trends


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