This could be the final design for Motorola’s foldable RAZR update (and we really hope it is)


We’ve been following rumours that Lenovo-owned Motorola wants a crack at the folding phone market (such as it is) with its very own entry — a folding version of the iconic Motorola RAZR. We’ve found out what the specs are likely to be, and now we may have a pretty good idea what it looks like.

A series of (low-res) images have surfaced online, claiming to be renders of Motorola’s folding RAZR. The impression we get of the handset is… a mighty good one, actually. Provided the leak is actually accurate, the folding design seen in the images is one heck of a throwback. Thoroughly modernised, that is. The front and side profile of the handset (seen above) looks like our brains remember the first, hugely popular RAZR and it’s only on close inspection that you’ll note the strange hinge. The whole-device screen, though? That’s pretty obvious. The result is a phone that looks both like the original handset and like a folding device designed in 2019.

A tasty wedge

We also get a look at the phone’s box design and all of the included accessories. The box is an unconventional shape, weird enough to make stacking them on shelves uncomfortable for shop assistants. Perhaps Motorola doesn’t think they’ll be on shelves long enough to be a problem. We can understand that sort of thinking, the original RAZR didn’t exactly gather much dust. That wedge-shaped box certainly points out that buyers are in for something different and the contents… don’t disagree.

The big question about the phone is really going to be: Has Lenovo/Motorola nailed the display? The mighty Samsung’s put its folding phone on hold to work out some kinks. But, based purely on these renders, Motorola might not have to. The design choices seem to leave no room for grit and other undesirable stuff beneath the AMOLED panel. Provided there’s enough flex and strength to the display, we can see Moto making a mint on the nostalgia value of the RAZR alone.

This all supposes that the image leak is in fact accurate. Moto isn’t saying anything and we don’t have any other way of ascertaining its provenance one way or the other. This could be the RAZR’s final design or just what someone really, REALLY wants it to look like. And if this is a hoax, we really hope that Motorola’s taking notes. It really does look that good.

Source: SlashLeaks via Tom’s Guide


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